A passion for purposeful innovation. Respect and integrity in every walk of life. Constant curiosity, the love of learning. And the courage to take setbacks in my stride. That's what makes me an #EngineerAtHeart.

Do you cherish the thrill of learning a new (engineering) skill?

Is technology the magical tool that you find really cool?

Do you want to crack open every machine to see what’s inside?

Are you driven by the aim to change the game?

Do you find inspiration in Jugaad (Frugal innovation)?

Meet Our Engineers at Heart

Know how Usha is transforming healthcare with her innovation

Cell culture monitoring is an essential clinical process in medicine - be it to study drug interaction on a cellular level or be it to study cellular growth under specific conditions. Traditional cell monitoring approaches require a lot of human intervention and can damage the cells. Usha used Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision to solve this challenge.

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Know how Shubham is making IC engines greener

While the world shifts towards Electric Vehicles, Shubham thought of bettering an existing technology.

His idea? A new fuel injector that splits the fuel more efficiently in an engine to improve combustion.

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Tell us how you Engineered from your Heart to bring Change

Share your innovation story and get a chance to win AirPods.


I engineered a fuel injector to make IC engines more efficient.

Shubham Shrivastava, LTTS

I am engineering a Laundry Bot to make chores easy.

Deepti Timungpi, LTTS

I engineered a device to convert a normal cycle into an e-bike.

Rinodh TR, LTTS
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Building disaster resilient homes for cyclone victims.

Engineering to recycle plastic waste in a smart way.

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