Meet AiKno® – your answer to all things Industrial AI.

At LTTS, we have been laser focused on building AI solutions for industrial use-cases. Our machine learning library, natural language processing capabilities, and machine vision computing abilities, are engineered to work in some of the harshest of conditions. Take a look at how we can help.

Meta Data Extraction

One common factor amongst all industrial companies is the massive amount of paperwork & manually entered data from the past. Our Cognitive Meta Data extraction module automates the tedious task of digitalizing physical data, thereby improving efficiency by 92-95% and reducing the time by 85%.

What make the solution unique is its ability to extract metadata from complex engineering document such as 2D drawings, legacy documents, and scanned images The OCR is trained on engineering symbols such as GD&T symbols which are heavily used in the industry. The continuous self-learning system can do auto corrections and drive semantics-based rules on human feedback without any need for re-engineering

As a case in point, AiKno helped optimize the PO/RO processing for a Transportation Major. The manual digitalization of 1000 documents would take the team 233 hours. With AiKno, this time was reduced by 60-80% to just 42 hours

How We Helped An O&G Major Digitalize 5 Million Documents

Predictive Analytics

The AiKno® Predictive analysis framework provides real-time visibility into your equipment health and detects anomalies or failures long before they actually happen. With the help of our in-built AI/ML models, service requests are automatically triggered or machines run self-diagnosis programs to fix issues

Our framework has the capability to automatically preprocess, run various ML algorithms, and compare the models on the basis of key metrics. It can automatically select the best possible model and reduce the manual effort of creating the models

For a major mining company, we developed an AI model to predict the % of silica in raw materials with a high degree of accuracy. This significantly improved the operational efficiency and reduced raw material wastage.

Log Analysis

Traditionally, developers (or operators) often inspect their machine logs manually with keyword searches and rule matching. The increasing scale and complexity of modern systems, however, has caused the volume of these logs to explode and rendered manual inspection unfeasible.

To eliminate manual effort & human errors, AiKno uses automated log parsing algorithms (structuring the raw log data) and machine learning techniques such as anomaly detection to capture erroneous logs, which then helps in quick troubleshooting of the devices.

As a case in point, our log analysis was able to analyze unstructured logs in ultrasound machines and convert them to a structured format. This helped in identifying the log patterns, predicting the fault type, and taking preventive corrective action.

Sentiment Analysis

The AiKno® sentiment analytics module helps you understand your customers better and enhance user experience. Domain related sentiments are drawn from textual statement data available in various csv, log, and product information files. By applying deep learning models, we are able to gather together important sentimental insights that you can apply to your product & marketing strategy.


AiKno® honored with the IMC Digital Technology Awards 2020, in the Smart-Tech Award for the Best Use of Emerging Technologies (Large Sector) category
Ashish Khushu, CTO, LTTS on IMC Digital Technology Awards 2020